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Lake Charles, LA

Job Description

Job Title:
Registered Nurse – Endoscopy

Responsible for providing professional nursing care for patients following established standards and practices. Assists physicians in coordinating patient care. Functions as primary liaison between patients, staff and physicians.  No weekends, nights or holidays required.

Reports to Director of Nursing

This position does not supervise any employees.


  1. Wheels patients under IV conscious sedation to procedure rooms, monitors vital signs, and prepares patients for exam by physician.
  2. Assists physician with exam and special procedures.
  3. Makes, receives and handles medically related phone calls as directed by physicians (RX’s, hospital admissions, patients, and other physicians).
  4. Keeps exam rooms and doctors’ offices clean, and maintain necessary supplies.
  5. Assists physician in preparing charge tickets, document fees, procedure codes, diagnosis codes and other items as necessary.
  6. Counsels and reassures apprehensive patients, assisting them with all clinic routines.
  7. Performs a variety of medically related tasks as directed by the physician and particularly to his specialization.
  8. Assists receptionist in scheduling appointments as needed.
  9. Make sure that all exam and special procedure rooms have biohazard and non-biohazard containers.
  10. Assures that all sharps are disposed of in a Sharps Container.
  11. Educates patients in self-administration of medication, when appropriate.
  12. Schedules CT scans, MRI tests, thyroid tests, EEGs and mammograms.
  13. Follows clinic policies for infection control in handling and disposing of infectious/hazardous waste materials.
  14. Ensures that patient chart entries are made accurately and in a timely manner; forwards charts as appropriate.
  15. Notifies patients of test results; schedules follow-up appointments as appropriate.
  16. Maintains patient confidentiality.
  17. Responds to a “CODE BLUE.”
  18. May require starting IV’s, doing IV pushes.
  19. May require mixing medications such as cytotoxic drugs.
  20. Observes records and reports patient’s condition and reaction to drugs and treatments to physicians. Dispenses medication as directed. Educates patient/family about diagnosis procedures, medications, nutrition, and maintenance of health and wellness.
  21. Ensures appointment preferences are given to patients in emergency situations. Greets patients and prepares them for physician examination. Screens patients for appropriation information. Instructs patient in collection of samples and tests.
  22. Perform other tasks as assigned.

Louisiana Registered Nurse license, IV certification and ACLS are required.

At least one year of med surg experience is preferred.


  1. Dependability
  2. Communication skills
  3. Ability to prioritize and handle multi-tasks in a fast-paced environment.
  4. Customer service skills


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