Dr. Jason Morris, family medicine physician with Imperial Health, is now providing EvexiPEL Subcutaneous Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)for men and women.

Hormone levels decline naturally with age for both men and women. According to Dr. Morris, this decline typically begins after age 40, and can result in a wide range of symptoms as hormones become imbalanced, including:

  • mental fatigue and reduced focus
  • lack of energy and motivation
  • increased fat around the mid-section
  • depression, anxiety and mood swings
  • feeling irritated and on-edge
  • reduced sexual desire and performance
  • muscle loss or inability to gain muscle
  • muscle and/or joint pain

“Unfortunately, these symptoms are often accepted as an unavoidable part of aging, or even worse, attributed to cause other than hormonal imbalance,” says Dr. Morris. “Our goal is to recognize the symptoms, identify the real underlying cause, and provide a natural, wellness-focused approached to address the imbalance. After working with different options and conducting exhaustive research, we are very confident and excited about offering EvexiPEL to our patients.”

EvixiPEL is a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapies. This therapy utilizes bioidentical hormones derived from all natural, plant-based substances. “Unlike synthetic hormones, the structure of the bioidentical hormone – testosterone, estrogen or both – most closely matches each patient’s individual needs,” explains Dr. Morris. “And since they are derived from nature, plant-based hormones metabolize in the body, just the way nature intended.”

Traditional BHRT treatments such as creams, patches, pills, and injections, typically have to be taken or applied daily to achieve symptom relief. However, EvexiPEL therapy delivers a steady stream of hormones, mimicking the way the body naturally releases hormones. This is made possible with the subcutaneous placement of pellet implants, which can better fit individual needs. “Instead of daily treatments, most patients only have to visit us two-to-three times a year for pellet implants,” says Dr. Morris. “The placement is painless and pellets become something patients don’t even have to think about.”

Dr. Morris says his patients have been very happy with the results they are experiencing with EvexiPEL. “They report having more energy, feeling younger and more like themselves again. Overall, they just feel better, which is our ultimate goal, because the more energy and vitality a person has, the more active they are going to be, which is so much better for their health and wellness.”

To learn more or to schedule a consultation to discuss EvixiPEL, call Dr. Morris’ office at (337) 312-0030.