This position is:
Part-time Weekends Only, Sat 8am – 5pm & Sun. 10am – 5pm

Position Location:
Lake Charles, LA


Job Title:
X-Ray Tech


  1. Ensure that patient, referring physician, and radiologist needs are met.
  2. Ensure that all duties are performed in an efficient manner and in compliance with regulations.
  3. Perform X-ray procedures.
  4. Log patients and exams performed each day.
  5. Assist receptionists as needed.
  6. Monitor equipment performance and notifies the supervisor of any repair assistance needed.
  7. Call patients a day before their procedure to remind them of their appointment. Makes sure the patient knows where to go, how long it will take, necessary prep instructions, and answers any questions.

REQUIREMENTS:  Louisiana State Rad Tech license.

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